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Friday, February 29, 2008

Pictures of my country

Hey all,

Here I put some pictures of my country, I hope you like it! Can't wait for ur comments!!!! :)

The picture here is for my city Baghdad! and that is Dijla ( Tigrir) River.
You can see on the left the long building, it is communication centre of Sinak, it is parcially distroyed in the war! And still out of order.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today, started like every other weekend day, for our weekend starts from Thursday night, then Friday, then Saturday and we start the week on Sunday.

As for every weekend, I woke up at 9 am, then started preparing my breakfast. while i was in the kitchen, I have noticed from the window which lets so much sunlight in, today is very sunny and beautiful day, so I got close to the window to take a look.

Suddenly, there was big bombing shook the window very hard! for a nano second i felt that the glass was going to shatter and kill me, that was so close!!! and so shoking!

For if it shattered, that is it! Wow, that was so scary. I've been close to death many times, this morning was one of them.

We also heard some glass shatters but it wasn't our house.

My brother yelled " Here it is!!"

I ran to the living room and he was right! i could see the smoke from the front door of the house, which faces north.

Our house located near a highway of two sides separated by a water channal called ( Army Channal) which is an artificial water channal built by one of the former Iraqi presidents, Abdul Kareen Qasim.

The explusion was on the other side of the highway. I saw poeple of my street including my brother, cousin and father running twards the explusion, others went out of their houses to see what was going on and stayed near their garages, and there was a guy walking a small white dog and the dog was so scared that it didn't know where to walk.

Luckily, no one got hurt. It turned out that it was an explusive device put on the side of the road, found and distroyed by US forces.

It took me some moments to realize what happened :) wow that was so strong and shoking! The window shook very hard!!! and i was like two centemeters away!!! without mentioning the voice!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Past few months

As we all know, since the end of the war, iraq witnessed many violent and bloody events which reflected on the lives of Iraqis. Severly damaged social and professional life, these events mostly chaotic and bloody, a lot of poeple died or kidnapped, a lot of buildings and properties damaged, a lot of poeple either left their houses or forced to do so, many left the country.
The streets are dangerous, you don't know when or where chaos and attacks could happen, you don't know what could happen. Things are so crazy. That's a breif discription of what was going on in my country, with the exception of few safe areas. Without mentioning the semi-absence of main and basic services like energy, fuel, clean water and everything.

But the past few monthes brought some new hope, things got quieter a bit. Iraq and Iraqies thought finally there's a breath of fresh air after all what they have gone thru.
Shops reopened, deserted areas started witnessing life again, highly dangerous spots became much safer. Bomings and attacks were much less. the streets are loaded with cars even after dark! Thanks to all efforts.

For me personally, though nothing of those firstly mentioned scared me or lessened or affected my determination to work hard and achieve my goals, but things were out of control back then, then it settled down a bit for the past few months. I used to hear some bomings here and there, mortar attacks now and then ( most of them happen in the dawn between 6 and 6 30 a.m) but things were heading towards promising future.

But the beginning of the new year came with a bloody incident happen not far from my house. A suicidal attack on a funeral killed nearly 30 poeple, mostly from my neighborhood. Which shoked us severly. After that, other bloody attacks took place. It seems that things started getting chaotic again. Mortar attacks increased in my neighborhood. And last friday was so bloody that took the lives of 98 poeple. Two women bombed cars in local markets, one of them is popular in iraq opens every friday to buy and sell animals and birds called SUQ AL GHAZL, SUQ means market in Arabic and it is a milestone in Bgahdad..

Things started getting worse again. in the past few days voices of bombings repeatedly heard in my neighborhood only! God knows what was going on elsewhere.
Now it is 3:00 am and so far i have heared two bombings.
and i have noticed increasing in military presence, both the Iraqi and the American.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



my name is Hiba Z Jameel

I am an Iraqi woman, as we all know Iraq has gone through a lot and so as its people which I happen to be one of them.

So here I'll try to share with the world my experience for all of you who read view this to see and be aware of it.
I also have done some stuff to document my experience. For example, in the year 2003, as you all know, there was the war that removed Saddam's regime. well, away from all political views and conflicts, I have wrote a book documenting my own experience as a person who had to live inside the war, I'm thinking of titling the book " in the eye of the storm"
I have also wrote some poems, the last poem written few days ago, it is about an Iraqi child in his way to school when a journalist stopped him and asked him what was his opinion about what is going on in his country, the poem is called " ROAD TO SCHOOL".

I wish I can be as accurate as possible

All the best

P.S. : the picture you see on the right is for the flag and the map of my country
Your comments and opinions are most welcomed
See you