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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Good Friend

Sometimes life seams to shatter, like one of my favorite song says, and it is very true.
But the secret is to pull it together before it shatters even more. The main thing to do so is to have a good friend who helps you make your life together or not to shatter any further.
To help you rise up, smile to problems and defeat the loss.

This friend is one of those friends who helped showing me the light after the long tunnel of darkness..

His name is Eduardo Peraza, he is also a blogger and below is his blog:

Thank you my dear friend for being there for me all the time and for clearing my vision and my way.

I wish you all the happiness and the success

Wish you have your Phd

I believe in you mi amigo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This website is created by a friend of mine who is a diplomat in Baghdad.
I found is very amazing that a foreigner fell in love with my city to the degree he created a website to document his journey there.
Below is the link:

enjoy it.

Also he added lots of photos for my city.

What a lovely work, thanks Anne and Mike