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Monday, August 11, 2008

Bombing Pictures

For the Saturday boming, It turned out that it was a " STICKING BOMB" a new invention by the terrorisits; where a person sticks a bomb or an Explosive device into the bottom of the car, it became very common in Iraq these days, for our neighborhood only, the bombing of Saturday was the second.

Here are some pictures:

Here is the pharmacy beside the carpenter on the right, in this picture on the right below the car, there is a cat toren apart with its inner parts outside, the good thing it appears far in this picture because the scene is very disturbing.

Another picture from another angle, appearantly, the fron car was parked near the other, but due to the bombing, it flew and landed upside down in front of our pharmacy, and they were burning. Both of the cars belongs to the owner of the building. Both are civilian cars belong to a civilian.

This is a close shot, the closest I got to a bombed car.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


The passed days were kind of calm in Baghdad; bombing is so rare as well as violence in general.

Till today, it is Saturday, which suppose to be weekend for me but they called me at work and needed me there so I went, I came back early about 2:30 p.m. The first thing I did is turned on my computer and some music while changing; I was humming with some song playing when suddenly, very load bombing shook the apartment. I stopped for a while but it wasn't something I haven't heard before.

As time passed, my parents and I were talking at my brother's room, while dad was hanging his curtains and mum was fixing one, a friend of my brother showed up on his motorcycle calling my dad, which was kind of strange because my brother is out of town. My dad went to see him and suddenly came back inside, saying that the bombing was directly in front of our pharmacy. Dad changed and hurried there to see the damage and save what is left.

More than an hour ago, after my mother and I were worried sick and tired his cell phone which since he was so nervous, he left at home, he came back very tired, he said that the bomb or the explosive device was under one of the two cars of the building owner, right in front of the pharmacy, all the glasses of the pharmacy are broken, and one of the cars are turned upside down that it blocked the door of the pharmacy. For sure a lot of damage has been done. The TV there is broken, the medications the front window.

The good thing is my parents were home and not there, they come back home afternoon for lunch and to get some rest. So none of them got hurt.

My father just told me that news agencies covered the events and took pictures.